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How to use Repair Archive

If your ZIP file is corrupted, this feature may repair uncorrupted data of the file as much as possible.


  • This feature only supports a file in ZIP format. Files in the other formats are not supported.
  • This feature does not guarantee that it may repair all types of corruption.
  • This feature repairs a file’s header corruption. It is unable to repair corruption of the data itself.

How to use the feature

  1. Click Tools > Repair Archive… in the menu bar.
  2. Click “…” to browse and select a ZIP file to repair, then click “Start Repair.”
    Bandizip retrieves uncorrupted data from the corrupted file and collects them into “(filename).repair.zip.”
  3. Open the repaired ZIP file with Bandizip.

This feature analyzes not only a file’s header corruption but also all data repairable in the file; it may take a considerable amount of time to repair your archive.