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How to view HEIC and HEIF files with BandiView

BandiView Professional Edition allows you to view image files in the HEIC format, or convert HEIC files to JPG files.

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Features of HEIC

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding) is a modern image format utilizing the H.256 codec, also know as HEVC. HEIC files are typically smaller than JPG files while maintaing higher image quality. Due to its patented nature, however, very few apps for Windows are compatible with HEIC.

  • HEIC has many filename extensions: HEIC, HEIF, HIF, etc.
  • Photos taken with iPhone are saved as HEIC files by default.
  • HEIC files can be saved as HDR images with a device supporting the HDR output

HEIC support of BandiView

BandiView offers you some functions for HEIC files.

  • Since the format is patented, a license for BandiView PRO is required to view HEIC files.
  • Show the EXIF info of HEIC files
  • Convert many HEIC files to JPG files at the same time
  • Support the HDR ouput of HDR HEIF files (.hif) taken with a digital camera